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Carpet Cleaning Albert Park

Fast, Thorough and Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Albert Park

You’re Carpets will be clean, dry and ready to use in one hour – Guaranteed!

BAlbert Parkring your jaded carpets back to life and restore the beauty of your soft furnishings with the Myhome Carpet Cleaning team in Albert Park. Your house will look like new again.

Here at Myhome Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves on doing things differently – it’s called Encapsulation.

Many traditional carpet cleaning companies use a hot water extraction system, which relies on a mixture of chemicals and hot water to do the cleaning.

Unfortunately this method can leave your carpets prone to shrinking and leave behind unwanted residues in the fibres and harsh smells.

By using Encapsulation the dirt gets trapped. It works by using cleaning fluids that contain polymers as well as detergents.

After the detergent has done its job in attracting the dirt and debris, the polymers encapsulate the detergent along with the dirt and debris.
Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

This encapsulated mixture then dries, allowing both the dirt and detergent to be vacuumed away, without leaving wetness or residue behind on your carpet.

Instead you’re left with dry, clean and fresh carpets within the hour!

For a free quote call the Albert Park Carpet Cleaning team on 13 22 31 or you can contact us online.

When you call Myhome Carpet Cleaning your carpets will not only get that fresh smell, soft feel and clean look you’d expect from carpet cleaners, but will also:

  • Last much longer
  • Stay cleaner longer
  • Have harmful air pollutants filtered out
  • Be free from allergy-inflaming proteins
  • Be dry and useable within minutes

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