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Carpet Cleaning St Kilda, Melbourne

Fast, thorough and reliable carpet cleaning in St. Kilda, Melbourne

Stair carpet cleaning st. kilda melbourne

Your carpets will be clean, dry and ready to use in one hour – guaranteed!

We regularly wash our clothes and bed linen but forget about our carpets, even though they are subject to more wear and tear than any other item in your house.

Well with a Myhome Dry-Touch Carpet Clean you can afford to forget about your carpets for longer.

The Myhome Dry-Touch System gives your carpets and fabric a much deeper clean than other more traditional methods do.

The system uses encapsulation to trap all the dirt and leftover detergents, it dries and then can be hovered away. Leaving your carpets and fabrics fresh and clean – and dry within the hour!

For a no-obligation quote call our St Kilda carpet cleaners on 13 22 31 or you can contact us online.

Not only do unclean carpets look worn and discoloured but there’s even more of a reason to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned more often – pollutants.

Unclean carpets are a haven for dust, potentially harmful air pollutants and dust mites, which can all heighten the chance of asthma, eczema, rhinitis or allergic attack.

The Myhome Dry-Touch System will take care of all that for you, because it’s such a deep clean, reaching deep down into the pile, it removes more of those particles from your home.

When you call our St Kilda Carpet Cleaning team, your carpets will not only get the fresh smell, soft feel and clean look you’d expect from any good cleaning company, but you’ll also see a number of other benefits:

  • Your carpets will last much longer
  • They will stay cleaner for longer
  • Harmful air pollutants will have been filtered out
  • Proteins that can inflame allergies will be removed
  • They will be dry and ready to walk on within minutes

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“Thanks again for your prompt service and a job well done. Such a good feeling to come in the door to a clean home. With the multitude of tasks on my plate of late the last thing I needed to do was housecleaning!”
Su Pilkington, Mt Eliza, Victoria

“The team that cleaned our house today did a great job! We are delighted with their work.”
Geraldine and Des Eccles, Moonee Ponds

“Just wanted to let you know that I'm really pleased with the team's work today. The place looks immaculate and I haven't noticed a single thing that I would have done differently.”
Mia Northrop, Ascot Vale