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How to Clean Your Home With White Magic Erasers

White Magic Erasers

The Magic Eraser isn’t for ‘erasing magic’ as the name might suggest – it’s for cleaning. The little magic sponge has been available for quite a few years now and has gained an almost cult-like following. The popularity of the little white sponge is due to its seemingly magical ability to clean almost anything a household can throw at it, from filthy running shoes to dirty walls and even stains on furniture. But what is the white magic eraser? Is the magic sponge toxic or eco-friendly? How do you use it? Read on for the solution to your house-cleaning blues.

What Exactly is the Magic Eraser?

The Magic Eraser is manufactured from the soundproofing and insulating material melamine. About a decade ago it was discovered that you could use melamine foam as an abrasive cleaner. When melamine resin cures into a foam, its microstructure turns into a substance that’s nearly as hard as glass, which makes it act like the finest sandpaper you could imagine. When using the white magic eraser for cleaning, the abrasive foam loosens the grime and its open microstructure draws it in and traps it. Similar to a rubber or pencil eraser, the magic eraser wears away, leaving a slight residue behind, which is rinsed off.


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How Do You Use the Magic Eraser

Using the magic eraser is very simple. Just follow the directions on the packet which tells you to add a little water to your little white sponge, squeeze out the excess and you’re all set to work. All you do then is rub the magic sponge over the dirty or stained area that needs cleaning. You’ll find most of the stains will start to lift straight away. The following tips can give you an idea of what can be cleaned with the white magic eraser:

  • Maker pens, crayons on walls
  • Fibreglass shower floors
  • Label and sticker residue
  • Polish silver jewellery and utensils
  • Scuffs, pen marks, built-up grime on leather purses, sofas, shoes and luggage
  • Granite countertops, other stone surfaces (always spot test, or check with manufacturer)
  • Spray paint by vandals or three-year-olds
  • Keyboards, monitors, mice and other electronics
  • Scum from shower and glass door, grout
  • Stains on clothing, stovetops, scuff marks on shoes, floors
  • Ink and paint on hands
  • Plastic and metal outdoor furniture
  • Inside and outside cars, wheels, paint scratches


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Magic Erasers

Is the Magic Eraser Safe and Eco-Friendly?

To put your mind at ease here are some facts about magic erasers and melamine foam:

  • The ingredients in the white magic eraser have been used safely for many years in a broad range of household products and are considered non-toxic.
  • Although the white magic eraser ingredients are a formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer, there is only the most incredibly small amount of formaldehyde in the little magic sponge.
  • There is actually less formaldehyde in a white magic eraser than there is in the air we breathe.

So you don’t have to worry about a white magic eraser ‘off-gassing’ and it isn’t toxic. However, the magic sponge is not biodegradable or eco-friendly.


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How Not to Use White Magic Erasers

There are dos and don’ts for almost everything, and the white magic eraser is no different. At first glance, the white magic eraser may not look like it can cause much damage. But keep in mind that there are dangers especially when accidentally ingesting parts of the sponge and its by-products. Here’s a list of the precautions you should take when using a white magic eraser to clean with.

  1. Never let the kids or pets play with your magic sponges as they can swallow them. The magic sponge can cause burns and rashes if rubbed vigorously on the skin.
  2. After using your white magic eraser, wipe off any residue.
  3. Don’t lick, taste or eat a magic sponge – There were tragic consequences after melamine powder was mixed with infant formula and pet food in China.
  4. If removing paint or stains from your hands with a white magic eraser, rub gently and not for too long. Like using sandpaper on the skin, painful abrasions may occur for those who rub the magic erasers on the skin for too long (though not as severely as sandpaper)
  5. Although the magic eraser is also sold as an effective way to remove of dental stains for personal use, it’s not to be used for teeth with fillings because it can cause the teeth to lose their shine.

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