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End Of Lease Cleaning – Leave Behind a Neat and Clean Property For the Next Tenant

Moving Clean

When a tenant moves out of their home, the bottom line is that all landlords expect the home to be in the same condition as it was when the tenants first moved in – or what could be deemed ‘reasonably clean’. Upon discovering damages or obvious signs of poorly kept surroundings, it’s not uncommon for landlords to refuse returning lease bonds.

This is why so many tenants scrupulously clean their homes before they make the big move. There are undeniably so many things to do that you need to start weeks before the move-out date. So, without a further a do, here are the end of lease cleaning tips you should consider before your final inspection.

Check Your Lease

Remember when you moved in, you had to do a full check of the property and tick anything that was in good condition and cross out anything that was not? Your lease will have stipulated that as a tenant you must leave the property in the same or better state than when you moved in. It is your responsibility to be aware of what state your landlord would like your home to be in when it’s time to move out.

This is important because landlords might be reluctant to give your bond back if things have been damaged (apart from general wear and tear) or if the property looks messy and shabby. Bonds don’t come cheap, so as a tenant do yourself a big favour and clean.

Get rid of any pests (you don’t want fleas hopping onto the landlord or cockroaches scuttling everywhere when he or she inspects the place!) or your bond will pay for an exterminator.

If You Don’t Have Time to Clean, Hire Professionals

If you don’t have time to do the thorough cleaning required to get your bond back to make sure the next tenants will move into a fresh clean home, you can consider hiring professional cleaners to do the job. Many are cost-effective, and they’ll take the burden off your shoulders while doing a nice, thorough job.

If you do decide to go down that road, contact the cleaning professionals at My Home – we know exactly how to clean your home to ensure you can confidently get your lease bond back and move out without a worry. Your home will be ready for the next tenant – without any stress and anxiety that you won’t get your bond back!


My Home’s professional cleaners all undergo comprehensive training programs to ensure you receive high quality cleaning services time and time again – no matter what you’re requirements are, our professionals will know how to get the job done. 


If You Are Going to Do It Yourself, Use Vinegar and Lemon Juice Solution

Once you’ve moved all of your stuff out and hopefully left behind cleaning products, mop, bucket, broom, vacuum cleaner etc it’s time to get down and dirty. But where to begin? Fill the bucket with hot water, have a spray bottle full of your vinegar and lemon juice solution, your window and carpet cleaner, plus an oven cleaner handy, and check out the following to make for a clean home for your next tenant:

  1. Start in one room, say a bedroom, and vacuum the floor, then dust the walls, light fittings and blinds, making sure you remove cobwebs.
  2. If it’s carpeted, you can always have professionals clean all the carpets. If not, then use a carpet cleaner to remove any marks or spots.
  3. Clean the windows both inside and out, and don’t forget the sills and cobwebs
  4. Clean the light switches of finger marks, and if the walls have marks clean them off with a solution of equal parts vinegar and lemon.

House Clean

Tips On Cleaning the Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen

As a tenant, you might have kept the house spotless, but when cleaning at the end of a lease you have to go that but further. In the kitchen, make sure you spray and thoroughly wipe the benches down with your vinegar solution or any cleaning product you prefer, scour the sink and make it shine, polish the taps and clean the cupboards inside and out.

Don’t forget the stove. Use an oven cleaner, either commercial or natural. Clean the grill and the stove top. Clean the windows inside and out and dust the walls. Clean and polish the tiles and lastly do the floor, especially the area where the refrigerator stood.

There could be marks left behind. In the bathroom, make sure the toilet bowl is spotless and smells fresh and clean, and wipe the wash basin until it shines. Polish the taps and clean the tiles and shower recess.

Do the floor last. Always remember the small things such as light switches and light fittings. Make sure the bath is spotless, and there are no hairs or gunk in the plugholes. Ditto in the laundry. Clean any marks made where the washing machine stood. Lastly, clean the floors.

After this entire process, your home should be exceptionally clean and ready forthe next tenant!


My Home’s unique Tri-Colour Cleaning System is a specially formulated cleaning method ensures efficient, thorough, and reliable cleaning time and time again


Cleaning the Backyard

Cleaning the Backyard

You should either mow your lawn, weed the garden, clean out the carport or shed and remove any rubbish from the backyard. If you don’t have the time, call on a yard and garden maintenance team. Nothing looks worse than an untidy yard and an unkempt lawn.

Leaving the property clean and the yard tidy is beneficial not only for the landlord who will be showing other tenants through, and for the owner who will get the same or a higher rental return, it also goes down well on your rental record. A good history is vital to any future rentals you might be considering as a tenant.


Moving homes can be a stressful time, but with the proper game plan and the option to rely on professional cleaners to cover all bases, you can be assured that everything will go smoothly. At My Home, we specialise in residential and end of lease cleaning, with years of experience in knowing exactly what landlords are looking for in an emptied home ready for its next tenant. Call today on 13 22 31 to see how we can help you make moving homes a breeze.