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Success in the System

Myhome operate a systematic and controlled way of making your business succeed

Research and experience tell us that the most successful businesses are built on robust operating systems. This is the philosophy behind Myhome’s success.

How the Myhome franchise programme is set for success

At the heart of the Myhome Franchise Programme is a pilot operation, conceived by Unilever in the UK, which was used to develop operating systems for every aspect of managing the business. The result – a turnkey operating system for our Franchise Partners.

The tri-colour™ cleaning system

This proprietary system is an organised colour-coded plan that lets your cleaning staff know exactly what to do in each room of the house on every visit. It organises, streamlines their work and saves them time whilst ensuring quality of cleaning and a high level of customer satisfaction on every visit.


At Myhome we understand that hiring and managing staff can be a minefield. To provide peace of mind, we supply you with a templated human resources system. This includes the hiring and managing of staff, insurance and Health and Safety issues.


As a premium brand serving the higher end of the Home Services market, it is essential that the quality of our service is reflected at every interface with the customer. The Myhome branding on vehicles and staff uniforms is designed to make cleaning staff feel part of a professional team, making them easily recognisable to existing and potential customers, positioning them ahead of the competition.


When starting a new business, people often ask ‘How do we get customers?’ At Myhome, we have a tried and tested marketing programme that includes client acquisition strategies, sales lead management systems and a client loyalty programme to strengthen customer relationships and ensure repeat business and referrals.


Our proprietary software programme – Myhome ServiceWorks™ – will help you track and manage virtually every aspect of your business. You can use it to manage and schedule appointments, handle billing and payroll, take control of all necessary accounting procedures, and keep constant track of your cleaning teams to ensure maximum productivity – all designed to give you maximum control over your time and profitability.


One of Myhome great advantages is our dedicated in-house call centre. We utilise the Myhome ServiceWorks™ programme to perform tasks such as setting up estimating appointments according to your schedule for your potential customers.

In short Myhome has developed all the necessary business systems to provide a turnkey operating system that guides franchise partners to success.

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