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Read more about our 6 step dry-touch Upholstery cleaning process, that is also available on carpets:

Step 1 – Power Head, Wall to Wall & crevice Pre-Vacuuming

Removes years of built up dust, grime and soils, dirt and pet hair trapped in inaccessible areas, such as tight crevices and carpet edges that a standard home vacuum cleaner just cannot reach. During this first stage the technician will be removing items of furniture to gain access to areas that don’t see the light of day, to extract those built up dust and grime areas.

Step 2 – Individual Spot & Stain Treatment

Permanent staining and discolouring if treated incorrectly can “fuse” stains to your carpets. My Home technicians will inspect and test each stain before treating it. Where necessary the technician will use an array of non-toxic products and equipment to gently remove the most stubborn marks and stains.

Step 3 – Dry Touch Encapsulation Application

We layer a very fine neutral encapsulation spray over your carpet, which begins to create a clear polymer over dirt and soiling.

Step 4 – Orbital Massaging

Our experts use an Orbit machine to gently massage our Encapsulation product into each individual fibre of your carpet to trap and crystallize deep dirt and soiling ready for removal.

Step 5 – Groomed Pile Alignment

Your carpet fibres are groomed back into line through a process called Pile Alignment so we can effectively treat the fibre tips to put wear back into them, and speed up drying time.

Step 6 – My Home Quality Care, Post Vacuum

The following day our technician returns to thoroughly vacuum and remove furniture coasters that were left. Also tackle any spots or stains that may have re-appeared.