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Get Crystal Clear Windows, That Stay Clean For Longer, With Our UltraPure Cleaning System!

Soapy suds and tap water leave ugly streaks and spots on your windows – there’s a better way to clean them.

Our revolutionary UltraPure Cleaning System is designed to clean your glass windows and get that crystal clear, streak-free finish. Say good-bye to dirty or grimy glass and hello to sparkling results.

  • Unique Ionic Window Cleaning

    Unlike tap water, our Ionic Window Cleaning System does not contain any impurities such chloride, phosphates, or nitrates that leave ugly streaks and spots behind.

  • Crystal Clear Results

    Our demineralized UltraPure water dries faster, leaves no residue, and does not attract a new layer of dirt and grime. This means it is also perfect for glass pool fencing, glass balconies, glass balustrades, glass splashbacks, glass doors and roofs, and even solar panels.

  • We have experts across the Greater Melbourne area

    Get a local area window cleaning expert onsite to your home or business within 24 hours.



The UltraPure Window Cleaning System By MyHome

Cleaning detergents and tap water often leave behind unsightly residue on your glass windows. Instead of cleaning them, these cleaning chemicals contain impurities that attract more dirt and grime. That’s why, even if you just cleaned them, you still have ugly spots and traces on your glass windows.

At MyHome, we have revolutionized window cleaning to achieve a crystal clear finish and make them stay cleaner longer.

Introducing the UltraPure Cleaning System.

It is the world’s most advanced window cleaning system. Instead of using tap water and soap, this amazing system uses demineralized ionic water, resulting in crystal-clear glass.

With the UltraPure Cleaning System, you get streak-free, spotless windows that stay clean longer.

Ionic Water for Window Cleaning

The secret lies in the water. The ionic, UltraPure water attracts the dirt and grime, dissolving it to achieve a crystal-clear finish. As a result, you get beautifully cleaned windows that stay cleaner longer.

Streak-Free, Sparkling Windows Guaranteed

Get the spotless glimmer for your windows. Discover the incredible benefits of our revolutionary UltraPure Cleaning System.

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What our customers say...

“Thanks again for your prompt service and a job well done. Such a good feeling to come in the door to a clean home. With the multitude of tasks on my plate of late the last thing I needed to do was housecleaning!”
Su Pilkington, Mt Eliza, Victoria

“The team that cleaned our house today did a great job! We are delighted with their work.”
Geraldine and Des Eccles, Moonee Ponds

“Just wanted to let you know that I'm really pleased with the team's work today. The place looks immaculate and I haven't noticed a single thing that I would have done differently.”
Mia Northrop, Ascot Vale