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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About End Of Lease Cleaning

End Of Lease Cleaning

One of the most challenging aspects when you move out of a rented home is the process of doing a thorough and adequate job of doing your end of lease cleaning. If it’s not done up to scratch, the repercussions are quite costly.

Your landlord won’t return your full security deposit if they believe the house has not been cleaned to the appropriate standard. In most cases, this refers to the standard of cleanliness that you saw when you first moved into your home. But every landlord is different, so it’s crucial to specifically outline what’s expected and any requirements in the tenancy agreement beforehand – some may expect a cleaner home, some may expect less.

To help you get a better idea of what you should do when it comes to end of lease cleaning, here are the answers to a few common questions you should be aware of:

Our unique 48 point cleaning system guarantees exceptional results. You’ll have the confidence that you’ll reclaim your entire security bond back without a worry.


What Should Be on Your End of Lease Cleaning Checklist?

Apart from the usual dusting and mopping of every room, here’s a rundown of some of the key things to put on your End of Lease Cleaning Checklist, sorted out by room type/location:


  • Mow your lawn and trim out weeds in the garden area
  • Empty out your garage and make sure nothing is left behind

Living Room

  • Dust and clean heater vents
  • Ensure there aren’t any damages on the walls such as cracks, dents or scratches
  • If there are any carpet stains, ensure to remove them by calling professional carpet cleaners


  • Clean out sinks, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashing machines and even exhaust fans
  • Scrub out any grease stains on countertops and clean with disinfectant
  • Clean out the inside of cabinet drawers, shelves, etc.


  • Vacuum for any dust and hairs
  • Clean out the inside of bathroom drawers
  • Clean the mirrors without leaving streaks
  • Clean your toilet, bathtub, shower, floor, countertop, sink and any other surfaces with disinfectant.
  • Clean out vents

At My Home, we guarantee you get your security bond back with our end of lease cleaning services. If your landlord isn’t completely satisfied with the results, we’ll redo the job for free and make sure you receive your deposit!

Home Cleaning

Is Professional Cleaning Required at End of Tenancy?

It is always the homeowner who is responsible for End of Tenancy cleaning, but because of how time consuming and difficult end of lease cleaning is, the majority of homeowners hire professional cleaning service providers for such tenant cleaning responsibilities.


At My Home, we guarantee you get your security bond back with our end of lease cleaning services. If your landlord isn’t completely satisfied with the results, we’ll redo the job for free and make sure you receive your deposit!


How Long Does it Take to do an End Of Lease Clean?

At My Home, we blitz your entire home in just one day. You can leave all your tenancy cleaning requirements to us, and we’ll handle the rest. For smaller homes than a standard 3 bedroom house, this could be faster but it squarely comes down to the specific expectations your landlord may be expecting.


At the end of the day, we deliver our each end of lease cleaning service to ensure you can reclaim your security deposit with confidence.

How Much Does End Of Lease Cleaning Cost?

You can quickly determine how much your end of lease cleaning will cost at My Home by requesting a quote through our online form. When doing so, you should provide us with as much information about your tenancy cleaning requirements as well as details about your home.

This way, we can give you a fast and more accurate estimate of what you’d expect from our many vacate cleaning services.

End of lease cleaning can be a stressful process, but with the help of the professional cleaning services available at My Home, you can get your full security bond back without a hassle.

Are you going to move out soon and needing urgent house cleaning for your end of lease security deposit? Call the professional cleaning experts at My Home today on 13 22 31!