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Electrostatic Disinfection

For complete peace of mind…

Thoroughly disinfecting our home has never been more important.

Thorough, regular cleaning is a great way to start, but it is virtually impossible to disinfect every square inch of surface area with normal spraying and wiping.

Some surfaces are hard to reach, fabrics are tricky, and the undersides of furniture and fittings can be impossible to disinfect with conventional cleaning methods.

This is where our new service, Electrostatic Disinfection, comes in…

Fast to apply, it gives immediate results and uses less cleaning solution than regular cleaning.

It provides total 360° all round coverage on all surfaces, killing 99.9% of germs and viruses and lasts up to 30 days, offering an additional layer of effective protection for you and your family.

How does Electrostatic Disinfection work?

If you played with magnets when you were young, pushing one slowly towards the other until finally they snapped together, then you already have a good understanding of how Electrostatic Disinfection works.

We combine a highly specialised Electrostatic Disinfection Spray Gun with our TGA approved Hospital Grade COVID-19 Defence Treatment solution.

The electrostatic disinfection gun finely atomises and positively charges our COVID-19 Defence Treatment solution as it leaves the spray gun.

This means that each tiny, atomised, positively charged droplet is attracted to the negatively charged surfaces of your home (like two magnets snapping together) covering them completely.

Germs and viruses are killed in a way that regular cleaning simply can’t match and gives 360° touchless disinfection and complete peace-of-mind in your home – offering COVID-19 secure protection for up to 30 days.

Surface Bonding

The positive electrostatic charge given to each droplet enables it to adhere to negatively charged surfaces. As the charged droplets are attracted to the surface not only do they bond, they also create an even spread because they hold their cationic charge for approximately 2-3 seconds.

This avoids drips and ensures that all surfaces are evenly coated in a fine layer – adhered by the ‘magnetic’ attraction created by a positive and negative charge.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of electrostatic disinfection is its efficiency in dealing with germs and viruses.

Because electrostatic disinfection causes the disinfection treatment solution to bond to surfaces, it is 99.99% effective (particularly for COVID-19) on contact and can protect your surfaces for up to 30 days.

Here are just a few more of the many benefits of electrostatic disinfection…

  • Stops the spread of infection – as the TGA approved Hospital Grade MyHome COVID-19 Defence Treatment works instantly – germs, bacteria and viruses such as the flu and Coronavirus are controlled and contained, preventing the spread of infection throughout your home or beyond.
  • Complete 360° coverage – a major benefit of electrostatic disinfection is its ability to deliver complete 360° sanitizing coverage on your surfaces by wrapping around, over and under hard to get to places that manual ‘spray and wipe’ cleaning just can’t reach.
  • Immediate results – because of the professional level equipment and hospital grade cleaning solution we use, electrostatically disinfecting your home is very fast and the results are immediate, with germs and viruses being neutralised within a short time of contact.
  • Fast drying – no need to wait to start enjoying your newly disinfected home. With a thorough and even spread electrostatic disinfection is fast drying. It takes just 15 minutes before your surfaces are dry and ready to use.
  • Non-toxic and planet friendly – if, like us, you’re concerned about the impact your cleaning products have on the environment, you’ll be pleased to know that our specialized solution is non-toxic, human, pet and plant safe. Tough on germs and viruses, but kind to the planet.
  • Long lasting – once your home has been disinfected using this new service, it stays hygienically clean for up to 30 days, providing long lasting protection that’s effective and affordable, especially with our optional monthly service plan.
  • All surfaces, inside and out – Electrostatic disinfection is extremely versatile and can be used on all different types of surfaces, both inside and outside your home, which means we can kill germs and viruses, wherever they might be.

Get started today… If you’re ready to have your home electrostatically disinfected for complete peace-of-mind call us on 13 22 31 or request a quote online.

This new service is available as a one-off clean, but for the continued safety and protection of you and your family, we recommend our monthly plan, which means we’ll visit you every month to complete Electrostatic Disinfection for your home.

What our customers say...

“Thanks again for your prompt service and a job well done. Such a good feeling to come in the door to a clean home. With the multitude of tasks on my plate of late the last thing I needed to do was housecleaning!”
Su Pilkington, Mt Eliza, Victoria

“The team that cleaned our house today did a great job! We are delighted with their work.”
Geraldine and Des Eccles, Moonee Ponds

“Just wanted to let you know that I'm really pleased with the team's work today. The place looks immaculate and I haven't noticed a single thing that I would have done differently.”
Mia Northrop, Ascot Vale