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change bed sheets

How Often Should You Change Your Sheets

Everyone loves a new change of sheets, but it’s easy to fall into the slump of laziness and delay the washing for another day.

Clean Wood Floors

How to Clean Wood Floors The Right Way

If you have a big area or several rooms covered by hardwood flooring and want it cleaned properly the first time, this is the guide for you.

How to clean windows without leaving streaks

You’ve most likely ended up here after countlessly cleaning and wiping away your windows, only to be left with annoying tiny specks of watermarks that you can’t seem to get rid of.

Dust Your House

Dust Your House Properly with These Methods

Yes, there are actually proper ways to dust your home! Dusting the house can seem like a dreary chore for many, and if done incorrectly, this could end up taking hours longer than it should - only to leave you with a mediocre level of clean for hours of tedious and strenuous dusting.

White Magic Erasers

How to Clean Your Home With White Magic Erasers

The Magic Eraser isn’t for ‘erasing magic’ as the name might suggest - it’s for cleaning. The little magic sponge has been available for quite a few years now and has gained an almost cult-like following.

Moving In Home

Tips to Get Your New Home Clean Before Moving In

If you’ve just had a new house built, bought one, or you’re renting, the first thing you should do is give it a thorough clean before you move in. While you vacate the house, you can get into all the nooks and crannies and places you can’t reach once the furniture is in.

Living Room

3 Steps to Prep Your Home For Sale

When it’s time to sell your home, it’s important you allocate enough time to thoroughly clean and prep the house before any inspections. It’s only when your home is nicely cleaned that people can see its true potential and be valued accordingly or grab the interest in potential buyers.

Home Cleaning Routine

Simple Cleaning Routine Tips for Any Schedule Type

Everyone loves a clean house, but not everyone has the time for the cleaning. Even if you have professional cleaning done by companies such as Myhome, the fact is, when people live in a house, there are some things you... Read more

Cleaning Bathtubs

Helpful Tricks For Cleaning Bathtubs

Cleaning a dirty bathtub is up there with scrubbing toilets - neither of them are jobs we love to do, but they have to be done to keep your family healthy.


How to Clean an Iron

From all the times you’ve served a beautiful home-cooked roasted chicken at your family dinner, or baked a cake for your friend’s birthday, you’ll be aware of how greasy and messy your kitchen oven can quickly get.