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Two Simple Mould Removal Methods For a Wall or Ceiling

Mould is a common organism belonging to the family of funguses and yeasts that includes mushrooms. The spores are everywhere, but especially in damp places both indoors and outside. If you have mould growing on a wall or ceiling it... Read more

6 House Cleaning Apps to Streamline Your Schedule

The kitchen floor feels sticky under your feet, unwashed dishes are piled in the sink, there’s a odd odour coming from the fridge and your laundry is overloaded with dirty clothes. Needless to say, your house is in desperate needs... Read more

Spring is in the Air, Time for Cleaning

    It’s Spring, that time of year when we all come out of our winter hibernation, the sun peeks through the clouds, and hay fever visits us again. And with Spring in the air, it’s time to give your... Read more

How to Clean Shower Screens and Keep Them Clean

Gone are the days when you’d have a plastic curtain on rings drawn across your shower. Today we have shower screens on runners and rails, or see-through glass doors that swing out.

How Decluttering Can Make You Happier

If you find yourself anxious at the sight of your house  full of clutter, with the floor covered in toys, plates of half-eaten food and empty cups on the coffee table, and the family's dirty clothes trailing from the bathroom to the laundry, then maybe it’s time to look at clutter.

3 Steps to a Clean Home if You Have Pets

Pets are family to many of us - they’re not just part of the furniture; they keep us healthy, and they teach our children about unconditional love and caring for others, but having pets inside means a lot more cleaning up!

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Why Carpet Cleaning Needs to be Regular…

Traditionally you’d get your carpets cleaned once you noticed that they looked a little grubby, discoloured or perhaps stained in some way. But, getting your carpets cleaned is more about what you can’t see than what you can see, and... Read more

Cleaning Melbourne

5 Ways Myhome Can Help You

Myhome offers a complete residential cleaning service including regular cleaning, spring cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and cleaning services for people who are moving home. Our teams are specialists in their field – for example our window cleaning teams clean... Read more

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

5 Great Carpet Cleaning Tips from Myhome

What do you do when one of life’s little emergencies threatens to ruin your beautiful new (or freshly cleaned) carpets? Here are some simple things that you can do to rescue your carpets when it all goes wrong… Tip #1... Read more

10 Great Reasons to Choose Myhome to Clean Your Home…

When you choose Myhome to clean your home, we commit to providing you with a scientifically based cleaning service that gives you a brilliantly clean home, time after time. Here are 10 great reasons to choose Myhome… 1. Science –... Read more