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Dry Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – Not Steam Cleaning Carpets

Carpets clean, dry and ready to use in one hour, without steam cleaning…

MyHome using Dry-Touch Carpet Cleaning System instead of steam cleaning carpets

Getting your carpets cleaned might seem pretty straightforward but actually, choosing the right carpet cleaner in Melbourne is more complicated than you might think because you need to avoid steam cleaning carpets.

Most traditional carpet cleaning companies use a hot-water extraction system (mistakenly referred to as ‘steam cleaning’), which relies on a mixture of chemicals and hot water to do the cleaning.

Steam cleaning carpets can be especially damaging to fabric fibres, leaving carpets soaking wet and with chemical smells and residues that act as a magnet for dirt.

Encapsulation: a better clean

Happily, there is another way to get your carpets thoroughly and hygienically cleaned.

At MyHome, we’ve developed our own Dry-Touch Carpet Cleaning System that uses an encapsulation process to deliver dry, clean carpets without any of the drawbacks associated with traditional steam cleaning carpets.

This new polymer technology allows us to effortlessly remove dirt and oils that cause your carpets to discolour, reviving the soft look and feel without leaving them soaking wet and prone to shrinkage.

So, for carpet dry cleaning Melbourne, think MyHome and our Dry-Touch System. Call us today on 13 22 31 for a free, no obligation quotation.

More benefits of Dry-Touch

When you call MyHome Carpet Cleaner Melbourne, your carpets will not only get the fresh smell, soft feel and clean look you’d expect from any good cleaning company, but you’ll also see a number of other benefits.

  • Your carpets will last much longer
  • They will stay cleaner for longer
  • Harmful air pollutants will have been filtered out
  • Be free from proteins that can inflame allergies
  • Stay dry and ready to walk on within minutes

Healthy carpets, mean a healthy homeCompleting a carpet clean without steam cleaning

It’s usual to get your carpets cleaned once you notice they look a little grubby, discoloured or perhaps stained in some way.

But actually, getting your carpets cleaned is more about what you can’t see than what you can see, and getting them cleaned regularly can make your home a healthier place.

That’s because unclean carpets are a haven for dust, potentially harmful air pollutants and dust mites, which can all heighten the chance of an asthma, eczema, rhinitis or allergic attack.

MyHome’s unique Dry-Touch Carpet Cleaning System reaches deep down into the pile, removing those particles, making your home safe for you and your family.

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For hygienically clean carpets, without the risks and disadvantages of traditional hot-water extraction methods, call us now on 13 22 31 for a free, no obligation quotation.

What our customers say...

“I would just like to inform your company that Leigh has been the most lovely person to deal with and he did such a wonderful job on my carpets, it is the best job I have ever had.”
Effie Rousis, Balwyn

“I just wanted to say I was most impressed with Sam the carpet cleaning guy. The carpet in my apartment is transformed! He moved and replaced everything back perfectly and every stain was lifted!”
Marie Sheppard, South Yarra

“Just to let you know we were very happy with Sam and the job he did today with our carpets he was very polite and diligent and the carpets look almost like new.”
Georgina Frost, Richmond