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MyHome - House Cleaning Services – Taking care of your chores

Regular Cleaning

Hate Housework? We Love It!

Our Regular Cleaning Service Melbourne Will Take Care of all Your Tedious Housework Headaches

MyHome Cleaning have a Regular Cleaning service that is perfect for your needs, whatever size home you have.

This flexible service allows you to choose the frequency of your cleaning visits, whether that’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even more often if you require.

What’s more, getting started is very straightforward. Once you get in touch, or request a quick quote,

we’ll arrange to visit you in your home, to find out about what’s needed and how often you’d like us to visit.

From there, we’ll provide you with a fixed price for your cleaning and if you’re happy, you can relax and leave us to take care of everything!

We even guarantee our work! Quite simply, if at any time you’re not 100% satisfied with the standard of clean we’ve provided, we’ll do it all again, completely FREE of charge!

To find out more, or to discuss your own individual needs, please call us on 13 22 31 for a friendly chat.

Alternatively, you may like to send us your enquiry online or, request a quick quote, or find out more about our one-off Deep Clean Service.

The start of a journey…

At Myhome, we have a passion for providing a cleaning service that exceeds expectations, and we won’t let you settle for anything less than the best house cleaning services Melbourne has to offer.

However, your first clean from MyHome is the start of a journey towards a brilliantly clean home and the first time we clean for you, there may be areas that require more work in order to achieve our very high standards.

This is perfectly normal and to be expected. In fact, you’ll probably find it takes up to four or five visits before everything is as good as we expect.

That’s because the effects of each clean, are cumulative. The more we do, the better the results get until we reach the point of ‘the perfect clean’. It’s all part of the journey.

How we achieve brilliantly clean

In association with Unilever, we conducted extensive research into the most effective way of cleaning.

From this we developed what we call our Tricolour System, which is a meticulous programme that focuses on the results, not the clock, and ensures an amazing standard of clean, every time.

It works by splitting your home into 3 colour-coded areas, each with it’s own corresponding products to ensure hygiene, consistency, efficiency and less intrusion.

What’s more, every staff member we employ is trained on every specific task of the Tri-colour System and will work through your home using this proven step-by-step process.

This means that our staff know exactly what to do and how to do it, whilst you know exactly what to expect.

So, if you want your home brilliantly cleaned on a regular basis, call us on 13 22 31 for a friendly chat.

Alternatively, you may like to send us your enquiry online, request a quick quote, discover the 5 great reasons to choose My Home, learn more about our Tri-colour process or find out about our Deep Clean System.

One-Off Clean: Hygienic Deep Clean with COVID-19 Defence Treatment

In addition to our rigorous 48 point clean, you can also benefit from our COVID-19 Defence Treatment at no extra cost.

Using Hospital Grade Disinfectant, which is proven to kill Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 (as reported by 7NEWS), we follow Department of Health guidelines on cleaning all frequently touched surfaces in your home such as door handles, switches, tabletops and taps.

In addition, you have the peace of mind that all our cleaners have all completed Department of Health training for COVID-19 infection control. Click here to find out more…