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Important Information about Myhome’s Response to Coronavirus Covid-19


Dear Valued Myhome Customer,

Firstly, thank you for your ongoing care and loyalty.

We have been overwhelmed by the support that we have received over the last few weeks. It has been heart-warming and extremely encouraging to receive your messages.

We are very aware that many customers rely on us to continue to provide a regular cleaning service, especially the elderly and less able customers. We also acknowledge that a lot of people want help to thoroughly clean their home just now.

In these times, a thorough and regular clean is not a luxury but rather an ESSENTIAL.

Although the measures that we are taking are reducing capacity, our commitment is to continue providing cleaning services to our customers whilst staying within the government guidelines.

You may experience some changes in the clean times and possibly frequency of clean, but we will do our best to minimise any disruption and we will always confirm these in advance.

This could change very quickly if new measures are introduced, but for now we continue to do our best to serve all our customers. We are also striving to maintain the welfare and livelihoods of our employees.

I know that together we will get through these extraordinary times.

We now need to announce further changes that we have made to comply with government guidelines on social distancing and contact.

I want to update you on these key areas…

  1. Additional measures – steps that we are now taking to ensure the welfare of our customers and team.
  2. Services availability – information on our ability to continue to provide a regular cleaning service, especially for elderly and less able customers.
  3. Additional ways that we can serve you and your loved ones

Here is a summary of additional measures that we have implemented this week…

Clearly the situation and the measures that governments are taking are fast moving, here are the additional measures that we have introduced based on recent announcements.

  • Gloves and Masks – cleaners will now wear disposable gloves on all jobs and disposable masks when appropriate.
  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant – following research, and with the collaboration of our suppliers, we have developed and acquired a Hospital Grade Disinfectant that we are adding to our cleaning process to provide an additional layer of protection.
  • Staggered Start Times – we are staggering the start and dispatch time for each cleaner so that we always maintain social distancing.
  • Morning and Afternoon Shifts – to facilitate social distancing we have introduced morning and afternoon shifts. Our office-based staff are working reduced hours in the office so that we never have more than two people in any one office area at any one time.

We continue to maintain the important measures we implemented earlier…

  • Twice Daily Heath Monitoring – all our team members are full-time employees. We see them twice a day to monitor their health and well-being. Any team member who develops symptoms will immediately self-isolate and will be supported by us.
  • Tri-Colour Cleaning System – with Unilever, Myhome conducted extensive research into the most effective and hygienic way of cleaning. We know that this is highly valued by customers and is never more important than at a time like this.
  • Fresh Cloths for Every Clean – our cleaning teams use a fresh set of colour-coded cleaning cloths for every home they clean.
  • Double Hand Washing – every member of every cleaning team conducts a thorough hand wash procedure when they arrive and leave your home, including hand gel use where appropriate.
  • Government Guidelines – we continue to stay in contact with all relevant Victorian and Federal government departments. As and when guidelines change, we will communicate with you again.

Can I also take this opportunity to remind you of what we need from you…

  • Coronavirus Symptoms – if you or anyone in your house has coronavirus symptoms, please contact us immediately as it will not be possible for our team to complete your regular clean until the appropriate time has passed.
  • Self-Isolating – if you are self-isolating, please contact us now so that we can work out what your cleaning needs are and how we may be able to help at this time. For example, we may be able to swap your next regular clean for a full window clean. We may also be able to help with other chores (shopping, pharmacy etc.).

Additional ways that we are able to help…

We’re living in strange circumstances and we’ve all had to make some big changes, but some things are still the same…

  • Window Cleaning – our window cleaning team continue to run normally (as they work outside). If you’re sitting inside looking out through dirty or grubby windows, we can improve your outlook and make the extra time you may be spending at home more enjoyable.
  • Carpet Cleaning – deep and thorough carpet cleaning is very important just now to really sanitise your home.
  • 48 Point Hygiene Clean – our normal 48-point top-to-toe clean but with the addition of Hospital Strength Disinfectant applied to all work services and touch points (door handles etc.).

We are operating at reduced capacity and prioritising existing clients; however, we still have some availability so please contact us now on 13 22 31 to book Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning or a Hygiene Clean.

Our priority as a business right now is on supporting the wellbeing and livelihoods of our customers and cleaning teams, and the communities we serve.

If you have any concerns, or unique requirements at all, please contact us – we’ll do everything we can to help.

Once again, thank you for reading and for your continued support, understanding, and loyalty.

Yours sincerely,

Russell O’Connell