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How To Remove Crayon From Walls

crayon in walls

If you have a budding Michelangelo in the house with a set of crayon pencils, you probably need to know how to remove the waxy stuff off a wall. But first, take pictures to show Grandma, of course. You can remove crayon from any wall without ruining the surface, whether it’s painted, plaster, wood, brick or concrete. If you’re too busy and you haven’t got time to remove the crayon artworks yourself, you can always call MyHome for a quick fix.

Before following the tips below on the best and easiest way to remove crayon from walls, it’s a good idea to test a little spot in an inconspicuous corner or behind some furniture to make sure the cure doesn’t do any damage.

Whether you need regular cleaning, window cleaning, a one-off spring clean, or the most thorough upholstery and carpet cleaning service in Melbourne, MyHome professionals are your number one choice.

Things You’ll Need To Get Crayon Marks Off Walls Without Removing Paint

Walls covered in paint can be damaged by hard scrubbing (that leaves scratch marks), and strong chemicals including highly acidic solutions, so it’s important to know how to safely remove crayon from walls. The best way to get crayon pencil marks is to test a small area of the wall by gently scrubbing and gradually increase the intensity without scratching the surface. Afterwards, dry the wall with a clean and soft white cloth.

A list of things you’ll need to clean your crayon-marked walls include

  • Cloth (can be microfibre or regular) or alternatively you can use a sponge
  • Water
  • Clean drying cloth

All our valued staff members at MyHome have undergone a comprehensive training program using our unique cleaning systems, so they know exactly what to do and what standards and quality of cleaning are expected when they come to your home.

remove crayon from walls

How to Get Crayon Off Walls Without Removing Paint

Glossy enamel paints can best handle abrasive cleaners, but flat, eggshell latex and satin paints are more sensitive. A good first step is to use a dull knife to carefully scrape off as much crayon as possible. Never use a sharp knife.

Use one of the following tips for the best way to remove crayon from walls without removing paint:

1. Baking Soda. Make a paste out of baking soda and water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda (bi-carb) and 15 ml of warm water. Using soft-bristled toothbrush, mix the ingredients to a paste.

For a stronger solution, use white vinegar rather than water, but test it on a discrete area of the wall before you use it.

2. Dish Soap and Water. This is another great option that’s been tried and tested to work! Along with dish soap and water to clean your crayon-marked walls, you’ll also need a cloth as well.


Soak the cloth in a bucket of warm water and dish soap, then wring the cloth and start scrubbing away at the crayon pencil marks. This method may require a bit of elbow grease and thorough scrubbing but it’ll be well worth it after seeing your crayon pencil marks gradually disappear before your eyes.

3. Magic Eraser. Test this on a small area on the painted wall before using it. For the Magic Eraser technique in removing crayon marks off your walls, see the method below.


Wet a sponge in warm water and squeeze it, then run it under hot water. Make sure it’s fully saturated, then wring it out again to remove the excess water. Best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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We know how chaotic things can be when you’re looking after the little ones. In a matter of seconds without keeping an eye on them they could be scribbling and drawing all over your once clean walls. At MyHome Clean, we offer fast, professional, and convenient home cleaning services including cleaning all your walls. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services and estimated quote.