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4 Simple Steps to Clean Window Tracks Like a Pro In No Time Flat

Clean Window Tracks

It’s pretty easy to neglect cleaning your window sills – they’re often forgotten about and left to accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and other gunk over time. Narrow window tracks make it even more finicky and tedious to clean.

For dirty window frames that haven’t been cleaned in years, it’s worth getting professional window cleaning services from My Home – you’ll be guaranteed spotlessly clean windows in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

For much more milder cases of gunk buildup on window sills, the upside is that you can clean them in just a few minutes with the right tools and know-how. Whether you have aluminium or vinyl window tracks, here’s how you can easily clean them like a pro in no time flat:


My Home provides exceptional window cleaning services that will leave you impressed and satisfied every time – whether it’s external or internal window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, glass splashbacks, or regular cleans, we’re here to assist.


Start Mould-Free

The first thing you should do is to check your window frame for any mould growth – feel free to skip this step if you don’t have any.

The temperature difference between the outside and inside of the window (or even exposure to steam) often causes condensation, and in turn, mould growth. Without proper ventilation, you’ll probably find mould appearing on your window sills.

To combat nasty mould growth on your windows, follow the steps below.

1. Wear protective clothing such as a safety mask and gloves

2. Dip a toothbrush in a window cleaner solution of your choice (listed below) and scrub away at the areas of mould

For severe mould growth, use hydrogen peroxide. It’s an anti-fungal product that has shown to be quite effective in eliminating mould.

For lesser mould growth, you can use more natural options such as vinegar which should produce the same results.

3. Wipe down and clean the window sill with a wet sponge

Keep repeating until all the mould  on your window frame is removed.


At My Home, you’ll have streak-free, no residue or unpleasant chemicals window cleans. Allwe leave you with are crystal clear and spotlessly clean windows for you to enjoy.


4 Simple Steps to Clean Window Tracks

With these 4 quick and easy ways you can do to have clean window tracks in no time.

1. Place a Thin Layer of Baking Soda With a bit of Vinegar

For the entire area that needs cleaning, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda making sure to get a proper spread all throughout. Next, place a few drops of vinegar onto the same areas – you’ll find that it will start to bubble which is completely normal and means the solution is working.

2. Use a Toothbrush and Scrape Remainings Into the Middle

Using a toothbrush, simply scrub and collect all the baking soda into the centre of the window frame. This will make it easier to wipe away and remove, but also ensures that none of it is trapped in tight corners.

3. Use a Cloth and Butter Knife to Clean Away Narrow Spots

Wrap a microfibre cloth around a butter knife (or blunt thin object) and work your way in the same motion for narrower areas such as in between window tracks.

4. Do a Final Wipe Down

After getting rid of most of the dirt on your window sills, do a final wipe down with a clean cloth. And there you have it – a clean window frame, all primed up to be admired once more!


My Home’s exclusive UltraPure Window cleaning system is specially formulated to deliver a thorough and longer lasting clean – no matter what type of window you have.


For tougher window cleans, we recommend getting help from professional cleaners at my Home. Keeping your windows clean doesn’t have to be a chore – at My Home, we get the job done no matter how often you need window cleaning.

Whether you need glass window cleaning, window track cleaning, or anything in between, the team at My Home are always ready to assist! Find out more about our window cleaning services at My Home today by calling on 13 22 31. Or alternatively, receive a quote by filling out an online form.