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Window & Glass Cleaning – The Old Way vs. the Myhome Way

The Old Way to ‘Clean’ Windows

The traditional approach to window cleaning is to use soapy suds, bucket and squeegee.

The problem with the “bucket and squeegee” window cleaning method is that it leaves unsightly streaks and a sticky residue that quickly attracts new grime and dirt. You’ve probably noticed that streaks, water ‘dots’ and squeegee lines very quickly show up on your windows after a traditional window cleaner has ‘cleaned’ your windows.

And you’ve probably also noticed that within a few hours of cleaning a new layer of dust has already attached itself to your glass.

There are some very simple reasons for this…

The first reason for this is that tap water contains impurities including nitrates, potassium, calcium, phosphates and chloride, which stick to glass leaving white streaks and spots on your windows.

Secondly, window cleaning chemicals and detergents, which are designed to loosen dirt and grime, actually cause windows to become dirtier faster as the soapy residue sticks to the glass, quickly attracting and holding a new layer of dirt in place.

That’s why ‘just cleaned’ windows and glass sometimes seem to have a fresh layer of dust, dirt and grime within hours – they attract and hold a new dirt layer like a magnet.

Needless to say, we do things differently at Myhome Window Cleaning.

The Myhome UltraPure Window cleaning system uses the worlds most advanced pure water ionic window cleaning system to eliminate these problems and leave you with crystal clear windows and glass – that really do stay cleaner for longer.

The “Zero” Pure Water Secret

The technology used to purify the water in our system is called The Zero™, because it produces ultra-pure water at zero parts per billion (0ppb) – the equivalent of just one gram of dissolved impurities per million litres.

Due to the law of electro-neutrality (which means that the purer water is, the stronger the impulse towards its former impure state is) this ultra-pure water actually attracts and holds dirt and impurities.

As the water used in our UltraPure system is 1,000 times purer than “normal” pure water, it has greater dirt dissolving and holding capacity.

This means your windows and glass are cleaned with water so pure that it actually ‘sucks’ the dirt and grime off your windows.

Used in combination with our soft-bristled specialised brushes, this window and glass cleaning system gives you some fantastic benefits…

  • Spot and streak free glass – even on first cleans
  • No soapy residue to attract dirt – stays cleaner for longer
  • No chemical residue on your walls and paths – keeps your home cleaner
  • No ladders – safer for cleaners, no damage to your paths and gardens
  • No chemicals – better for our environment