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5 Great Carpet Cleaning Tips from Myhome

What do you do when one of life’s little emergencies threatens to ruin your beautiful new (or freshly cleaned) carpets?

Here are some simple things that you can do to rescue your carpets when it all goes wrong…

Tip #1 Got kids? Tomato Ketchup stains…

To get tomato ketchup out of your carpet, dab with kitchen roll (but don’t rub as this will only embed the ketchup further into the carpet), then treat with a little lemon juice to lift the stain.

Tip #2 Rearranging furniture? How to get dents out of the carpet

Hold a steam iron over the dented area then brush up the tufts with your fingertips – making sure that you hold the iron 2-3 inches above the carpet so that it doesn’t touch. For carpets containing acrylic gently use the warm setting on a hair dryer instead, as steam may melt the fibres.

Tip #3 Wax on carpets or upholstery…

Freezing the wax is really the only effective and safe way of removing it from carpet. Use an ice pack to freeze the spill and then immediately shatter by hitting it with a blunt object. Vacuum to collect the shattered bits.

Tip #4 Sticky business – Chewing gum removal

As with wax, the easiest way to remove chewing gum from carpets and rugs is by freezing it. Use an ice pack to freeze the gum, you should then be able to scrape the gum off with a blunt knife. Pick up and dispose of the pieces. Don’t vacuum up the pieces in case they get stuck inside your cleaner when the gum warms up!

Tip #5 Red Wine – This time it’s the grown-ups…

To treat a new red wine stain, completely cover it with bicarb and let it dry for a few seconds, then vacuum and apply a second smaller amount of bicarb, add a little bit of vinegar and then scrub with a nylon brush. Once it has completely dried, vacuum the affected area thoroughly.

When you choose the Myhome Dry-Touch System, you are taking an important step to having carpets that stay clean for longer as the Myhome Dry-Touch System uses polymer encapsulation technology to remove the dirt AND cleaning detergents from your carpets – unlike traditional methods which leave a sticky chemical residue which actually ATTRACTS dirt! So as a Myhome customer you’re already ahead!

But these tips will help you keep your carpets at their best when the inevitable happens.