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6 House Cleaning Apps to Streamline Your Schedule

The kitchen floor feels sticky under your feet, unwashed dishes are piled in the sink, there’s a odd odour coming from the fridge and your laundry is overloaded with dirty clothes. Needless to say, your house is in desperate needs for a good cleaning. . We’ve all been there to some extent but it doesn’t have to be so stressful to maintain a decently clean home. Keeping a checklist of cleaning chores on paper or in your head probably isn’t working anymore so why not try a house cleaning app? They have helpful reminders to do the dishes, clean the toilet and change your bed sheets for instance, plus some tips about how best to do these chores.

Housekeeping is just a part of life whether you enjoy it or not but it’s much easier if it’s done in an orderly way. These house cleaning apps can also help you to get into some good housekeeping habits,  get more organised and get the cleaning done much faster with a optimal cleaning schedule.  There are plenty of house cleaning apps available for iPhones and Androids to help  streamline your schedule or set up new ones. Try any of the house cleaning apps we’ve listed below to make your life easier and help you stay on top of the housekeeping.

If your home is in dire need of a thorough clean, it can be a good starting point to call in Myhome cleaning professionals before you set up your schedule so you need not be overwhelmed at the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do. For less extreme cases, here are six of the best house cleaning apps available for you to use:

Myhome is a well-established Australian company with more than 10 years of experience in domestic cleaning services, and a reputation for delivering the highest standards.
We have thousands of satisfied customers who return to us time and time again for repeat services.


1. Tody (iOS)

This is a user-friendly house cleaning app that caters to anyone’s cleaning needs with its flexible options and the ability to share tasks over multiple devices. Tody motivates users to mop the floor, clean the toilet, and carry out a host of other household cleaning chores some of us are prone to avoid. All you do is input all your tasks by room, the date they need to be done and the type of cleaning as well as any  reminders. By syncing and sharing tasks over multiple iOS devices you can turn house cleaning into a family game.  Price: $6.99 from the iTunes App Store.



2. HomeRoutines (iOS)

Cleaning tasks can be customised with optional deadlines, as well as timers to help you stay motivated . Creating checklists are easy, and can reflect up to seven focus zones so you can schedule when to carry out each task. This house cleaning app is heavily customisable and ideal for those of us with specific, regular, cleaning times, or who are happiest with a set routine.  Establishing good house cleaning habits is made so much easier by having a schedule and a routine, which is all taken care of through HomeRoutines. Price: $4.99 iTunes App Store.



Our priority is your satisfaction, which means if you’re not 100 percent happy with the standard of cleaning service you have received from us we will come back and do it again completely free of charge – Guaranteed.


3. Unfilth Your Habitat

If you’re the type (or know someone) who needs a little more than a gentle push to get the house cleaning started, then this is the house cleaning app to go with.. The tagline says ‘terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes’ and comes with a warning that there’s some profanity. Some of the cleaning selections include My To-Unfilth List, Random Unfilthing Challenge, and Random Unfilthing Motivation. The inbuilt timer gives you a break, but if you don’t get back to it in time the app shouts at you to work harder. This is a great option for those stubborn house cleaning procrastinators.


4. House Cleaning List (Android)

This helpful house cleaning app has cloud sync capability, unlimited lists and the ability to share cleaning tasks with others in the household. With extra templates you can purchase in the app, you can organise yourself and create unlimited lists for your usual cleaning schedule or for special occasions. Sharing and synchronising house cleaning responsibilities with the family or a flatmate is easy (via internet connection) and you can even set reminders so you’ll never forget or delay your house cleaning needs. Price: $0.99 + offers in-app purchases.


Myhome cleaning staff have all completed a thorough training program and are fully aware of the high standards expected of them when they visit a customer’s home.
We only employ full-time staff who are fully insured and have been through a strict selection process.



5. Clean My House (Android)

This house cleaning app will send you reminders, has around 300 chore categories and your choice of 292 tasks. You can group them by category and set up a schedule to do them once a day or every week, but the only downside is that the app doesn’t let you share or sync the chores between members of the household. Price: free + offers in-app purchases.

6. Our Home (iOS and Android)

With this gamified house cleaning app, you can assign multiple users tasks, send messages and reminders and earn points to encourage you or family members to finish their tasks. This house cleaning app is a wonderful tool for keeping members of the household, especially kids, motivated to keep the house clean and tidy.  As well as helping to do the cleaning chores, this app also lets everyone make a contribution or suggestion to a shared shopping list. The kids will love the chance to collect points through this game-like app. Price: free + offers in-app purchases.

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