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Kitchen Cabinet Organisation Tips

Kitchen Cabinet Organisation Tips

It’s easy to forget about what’s inside your kitchen cabinets until you need to find something! There’s nothing worse than pulling out a frying pan from the bottom section of your cupboard only to have half a dozen lids and saucepans crash and clatter onto the floor. It happens in the best of kitchens, so if this is you, you’re not alone. If you’re a young working professional or double-income household, it’s clear how busy you are and how there just isn’t enough time in the day to keep your home nice and tidy all the time. To help, we’ve compiled ideas for kitchen cabinet organisation and tips on how to get the pantry and drawers into order. Once you have the right organisation layout in place for your kitchen cabinets, you’ll always have things in order and never struggle to find missing pots and pans. Read below for great kitchen cupboard organisation tips that you can try out today.


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Place Things In Cabinets That are Easy to Reach

Our first tip for kitchen cabinet organisation includes tackling the problem of inaccessible items kitchen cabinets. Make sure you only have to move one or two items to get to the one you want, and make sure to put everything back in place. Also, try to put often-used things such as teas and coffee, sugar, salt and pepper e.g. at eye level, and those not often used up higher or towards the back. This way you don’t have to empty the cupboard to find the jar of sundried tomatoes or beans you want. For baking and cooking items, it’s a good idea to put them close to the stove within easy reach.

Tips on Organising Kitchen Cabinet Pots and Pans

Stacking pots and pans can be a pain, but once you’re organised, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner: Hang a large pegboard with strong hooks on a wall and let the pots and pans dangle free. Or, store your pots with the lids on upside-down so they will stack readily in the cabinet. Another idea for organising the kitchen cabinets is to place a tension rod on a large drawer, then slip the lids in vertically. They’ll be out of the way while you’re choosing the cookware you need.


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Organising Dishes in Kitchen Cabinets

To organise this section, first, take all your dishes out of your cabinets and separate them into piles by grouping those you use every day in one pile, and those only occasionally used in another. Separate your ‘good’ cups from the ones you use daily. Then decide how much crockery you need. A rule of thumb is to have as much crockery – dinner and side dishes, cups, mugs, large and small bowls and silverware etc. in your kitchen to feed your family and a few guests for two days of meals. Pack the rest away in the shed or spare room.

Kitchen Cabinet Organisation

Kitchen Pantry Organisation Tips for Food

Kitchen bins and baskets are a great way to organise food in the pantry. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Matching glass or quality plastic containers are perfect for pantry storage, and they keep the food fresh. Fill them with brown sugar, dried pasta or noodles and spaghetti, cereal and nuts or whatever takes your fancy. Label them to help you find ingredients when you’re hurrying to pack school lunches or cooking dinner. The middle of the pantry at eye level is the best place to put the main foods you use daily and store lesser-used items at the back, or on the bottom or top shelves.

More Kitchen Cabinet Organisation Hacks

Here are some more Cabinet organisation hacks for miscellaneous items:

  • Use hooks inside cabinet doors close to the stove for hanging loose recipe pages
  • Use a pegboard, cork boards, adhesive hooks or whatever works to hang dish towels, serving spoons and measuring cups
  • Use up wasted spaces like awkwardly sized side cabinets and nooks for storing less often used items.
  • Create one section of a cabinet for bowls, another for plates, one for wine glasses, and another for regular drinking, and so on.

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