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Basket Ideas For Guests

Help Your Guests Feel At Home Away From Home

Entertaining guests? When opening your home to friends, family, or even strangers, preparation is important when becoming a gracious host.

Aside from providing a clean and hospitable environment, there are little ways you can go the extra mile to give your guests a memorable experience while they’re in your home!

One way to elevate your host status from average to expert is by providing your guests with a well-stocked and well thought out gift basket that’ll make their stay both comfortable and memorable.

Why Do I Need A Basket For House Guests?

There are a few reasons why putting some extra time and care into creating a gift basket for your house guests is a great idea.

Firstly, it’s a great way to welcome your guests, while adding a unique and personable touch. Secondly, it helps them to feel more at home, especially when they’re staying with you for long periods over the holiday season!

If you’ve got the relatives heading over, or want to make a positive impression on the in-laws, we’ve put together our guide to constructing the perfect gift basket that’ll have them bragging to their friends, making their stay in your home an unforgettable and positive one!

What Should I Include In My Basket For House Guests?


We’ve all been there! You arrive at your holiday destination without your toothbrush, deodorant, or dry shampoo.

Making a gift basket filled with the essentials is a sure-fire way to keep your guests feeling comfortable, even if they’ve forgotten the little things.

We recommend stuffing your guest basket with toothbrushes, floss, hair ties, extra soap, and other essentials that’ll help your loved ones feel at home, even if they’ve completely forgotten their toiletry bag.

Human hygiene is just as important as a clean house!


Those late-night food cravings can be a little tricky when you’re staying at a house that’s not your own. Your guests might be too uncomfortable to ask if they can raid your fridge during a midnight snack attack.

Let them know you’re snack positive in this household by filling their gift basket with edible goodies that’ll please even the fussiest pallet!

We like including things such as muesli bars, lollies, chocolates and other sweet treats that will keep their sugar-cravings at bay, and help them see your excellent host prowess.

Don’t underestimate the power of fresh fruit to keep your guests happy and well-fed in-between meals.


There’s really only so much time you can spend with your guests, let’s be honest. Giving them entertainment options will help give them a break from screen time and keep them out of your hair (when needed!).

Finding some fun games that they can play when they need their space (such as cards or Jenga!) will help keep them entertained when their introvert tendencies take over.

Alternatively, providing them with your wifi and Netflix password will keep them connected and appreciative of the comfortable downtime after a long day of sightseeing.

If you’re more old school (or, your guests are!), providing a crosswords puzzle with ample working pens make an excellent entertainment option.

Local products

It’s always a good idea to showcase the local goodies of your area.

Put any treats that showcase the absolute best of your home state in your basket, and help your guests appreciate what your hometown has to offer.

Think cheese, fresh flowers, fresh-baked goods, or, even a rich bottle of red.

Power Up

Okay, well it is 2020, so your guests undoubtedly will be bringing their smartphones. A spare charger cable or charging station will be the saving grace for any phone, iPad or Kindle that’s getting dangerously close to 1%!


Too busy buying supplies to keep your guests occupied to get around to a deep clean? MyHome Cleaning offers an extensive range of services that’ll put your mind at ease and have your home sparkling, just in time for your guests’ arrival! Call today on 13 22 31 to see how we can help you.