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How To Make Your Own Mudroom

Keep Your Home Dirt-Free This Winter

v As the wet weather season sets in so does the risk of those pesky muddy footprints and pawprints trailing through your pristine white carpet.

Having a mudroom in your home can seriously help cut down the amount of outside dirt and grime that is dragged through your living area, all while giving you storage space to organise excess coats, umbrellas, and wet boots.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a pre-designated mudroom in your home, it’s actually pretty simple to make your own!

We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you create your own mudroom, making the most of your home’s design and saving yourself from the headache of cleaning up after those muddy footprints.

What Is A Mudroom?

  • If you’ve never heard of the term ‘mudroom’, that’s probably because it’s an American phrase. However, the basic concept of a mudroom is universal, and homes around the world can introduce this handy space for extra storage, cleanliness, and organisation.
  • The purpose of your mudroom is to provide a space where you can get out of any muddy or wet clothing and shoes before you enter the main area of your home. Leaving dirt and grime contained in one area, and saving your carpet (and sanity!).
  • The key to making an effective mudroom is to include ample storage for all of your bulky clothing such as jackets and scarves. It is also essential to have space where you can sit down and shed your winter layers before entering the home. A bench that doubles as storage is quintessential mudroom decor.
  • Don’t forget that more is always desired when it comes to storage! Don’t restrict yourself when it comes to hooks, cupboards, and other clever storage items that will help keep your space organised, neat, and tidy.

Making Your Own DIY Mudroom

Use Your Hall Space

Using a hallway in your entrance makes for a fabulous DIY mudroom for the busy family. If you’re not overly concerned about large winter coats being on display, all you need is a coat-rack, a side table, and a shoe rack for an instant and simple mudroom.

Clearing out an area in your hallway will help create a neat place for you to store your keys, shoes, jackets or anything else that makes your return home seamless. All you need is a welcome mat, and a few key pieces of furniture and your little mudroom is well on the way.

Laundry Room or Carport

If you don’t have any spacious options inside the house, don’t underestimate how effective your laundry room can be for providing you with an enviable mudroom.

The laundry/mudroom combo is especially useful if you have pets, or utilise your backyard regularly.

If you’re turning your laundry space into a storage area, it’s important to add extra furniture to keep any of your pets equipment, sporting gear, or dirty laundry stored neatly to make the best use of the space.

We love the idea of using a decorative basket to store any yoga mats, dog toys, or athletic gear. Looking sleek and contained, and easy to find for those mad rush Sunday mornings.

A carport can also make an excellent mudroom space, keeping everything far away from the house and containing the mess before it even reaches the front door. If you’re lucky enough to have a large carport and have a big family, investing in small lockers or cubbies can help keep your kids organised.

Giving each family member their own space to keep shoes and coats will help keep everything in order while giving little members the responsibility of their own mess.

Use Your Closet

Have a small closet that nobody really uses? Small spaces can quickly and easily be turned into a mudroom, don’t forget your creativity will go a long way in DIYs!

Utilise even the smallest of spaces in your home and turn it into an effective storage area for your on-the-go family. All you need is a few basics, and your underutilised area will become the saving grace of your home.

Make sure you have a shoe rack that can hold dirty sneakers and boots, a coat-rack to store winter coats, and a dry place to keep umbrellas, or any sporting gear.

Adding a lamp and a small side table will effortlessly add a level of design to your space and take your mudroom to stylish new heights.


If you would like to spend less time cleaning and more time on fun projects such as these, let us help free up your schedule.

Our extensive range of cleaning services can help turn your home from messy to immaculate in no time! We offer everything from spring cleaning, to carpet revamping, to taking care of the dreaded end-of-lease clean up.

Alternatively, if you need somebody to help keep your mudroom in order, there’s no job too big or too small. Everybody deserves to live in a clean home, and we’re experts at helping your space look its best. Call today on 13 22 31 to see how we can help you.