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How To Clean Your Fireplace This Winter

Have you been spending your winter inside by the fireplace? 

Keeping your fireplace clean and tidy is important when you’re trying to enjoy a cosy night inside in front of the TV. 

Cleaning your fireplace doesn’t have to be complicated or messy, here are some simple tips to keep the area neat and tidy without too much hassle!

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How To Clean A Wooden Fireplace

If your fireplace is traditional and wooden burning, you’re probably aware of how messy the cleaning process can be.

To avoid messes make sure you cover your furniture and carpet with an old towel or sheet. Ash and dust can be a nightmare to get off your furniture so make sure you’re well prepared before you start cleaning.

Clean your firebox around once a week during the winter months. 

The firebox is where you store the logs in your fireplace to burn, and when it’s chilly and being used often you’ll need to clean it regularly to keep your fire burning bright. 

Remove the grate and take it outdoors to be scrubbed, set it outside while you clean the interior of the fireplace. 

Use a shovel to loosen any ash that has built up in the firebox and then dust the excess.

If your breaks need a little TLC, a wire brush will loosen any soot that has become stubborn and hard to remove. 

Using a mixture of warm water and baking soda will get rid of any burnt-in dirt and will leave your fireplace looking as good as new.

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How To Clean A Gas Fireplace

Before you take any further steps, turn off the gas, and double-check the valve is switched off. You will need to also make sure that the pilot light is also completely out, wait a few minutes before doing anything else to make sure all the gas has left the piping.

Once you’re sure it is safe, take off the glass or metal screen so you can give the fireplace a thorough cleaning.

Use a broom or a paintbrush to get rid of any grime and dirt buildup that might have formed behind the glass. Pay special attention to the burner and any debris that might be collecting there, without proper cleaning it can disrupt the flow of gas.

While the glass or metal door has been removed take a vacuum cleaner and get rid of any cobwebs or dust that may have settled. Then take an old cloth to give it a final wipe over, picking up any debris you may have missed.

To really make your fireplace sparkle, give your glass door a clean. Pro-tip, never uses regular window cleaner, instead buy a specialty fireplace cleaner to avoid any damages or scratches.

Once you’re satisfied, reattach the door, and secure everything back into place.

Grab a good book, and curl up in front of the warm fireplace – you’ve earned it!

Need a hand getting your place in tip-top shape this winter? We have a wide range of packages that work for any budget or living space, contact us today and let’s see how we can help.