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How to clean windows without leaving streaks


You’ve most likely ended up here after countlessly cleaning and wiping away your windows, only to be left with annoying tiny specks of watermarks that you can’t seem to get rid of. It’s incredibly frustrating – we all know it. For larger windows or windows that are outside and harder to reach, we recommend taking advantage of Myhome Clean’s professional Window Cleaning services – getting you faster, and beautifully clean results for your home. For the more manageable window cleaning tasks around the home, here are our best tips on how to clean windows streak free!


Myhome Clean are the leading experts in Window Cleaning Services. Our UltraPure Window Cleaning guarantees crystal clear, streak free, beautifully clean windows and glass that stays cleaner for longer.


Problems with Common Streak Free Window Cleaners

One of the most common ways that many people used to clean their mirrors and windows was by using newspapers. Newspapers would essentially replace a typical cleaning sponge when it came to cleaning windows streak free. Its dryness made it a great tool in absorbing all the moisture off the window’s surface, so that no streak marks were left behind. However, it’s said that nowadays newspapers have changed in ink as well as paper quality, making it not quite work the way it used to.

There are also suggestions to mix one part water with one part distilled white vinegar as your window cleaning solution. This is a natural alternative to buying store-made window cleaning solution. But, as you may have guessed, the smell would not be so pleasant for the first few hours of cleaning. This is probably only an option if you know your home or business will be empty for a couple of hours.


Need your windows cleaned? Myhome Clean’s specialised Window Cleaning Services can be used for external/internal windows, solar panels, glass splashbacks, glass cleaning for pools, balconies, doors and more.


window clean

Streak Free Window Cleaning Method

We suggest the following method you can try at home to clean your windows streak free:

Rubbing alcohol

This effectively gets rid of extra stubborn marks on your window, whether it’s from dirt, toothpaste, or any other stain, rubbing alcohol can be something for you to try when window cleaning. Dab a small amount onto a cotton pads and firmly wipe away at any visible stain marks.

Window Cleaning Solution

Store bought cleaning solution is notorious for its strong chemicals, so be sure to dilute it with enough water and handle with care. You can alternatively use dish soap to do the job, which is also another commonly used way of cleaning your windows today – however this is known to attract dirt later on. At Myhome Clean, we use specially made chemical-free window cleaning solution, to ensure its not harmful for the environment or leave any harmful residue that you could potentially be exposed to.

Microfibre Cloth

Finally, we suggest you use a microfibre cloth since it will pick up all traces of moisture on your windows, leaving you with the dazzling and clear window  and mirrors you’ve been looking for. Regular cloths won’t give you the same results, plus microfibre cloths have multiple uses in all sorts of cleaning – not just windows.

These tips are best for cleaning windows commonly found around the home – all easy to reach and At Myhome Clean, we’ve beautifully cleaned a range of windows for homes all across Melbourne. With our specialised Window Cleaning Services, you’ll be guaranteed streak free windows in no time at all, getting you back to comfortable enjoying your home.

For all your cleaning needs, Myhome Clean are the leading professional cleaning service providers in Melbourne. For a free estimate call today on 13 22 31 or alternatively, you can request for a free quote online now.