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How to Keep Your House Clean and Organised

House Organised

Doing an entire home clean out every few months is exhausting and easily takes up an entire day, so the big question is ‘how do you keep your house clean and organised?’

As the saying goes, ‘a little goes a long way’, and that’s no exception to proper house cleaning and maintenance. As you incorporate daily habits to keep a house clean and tidy, you’ll find that your home will never get to the point of messiness that gets your hair frazzled. Long gone will be the days where your entire morning and afternoon is spent on dusting, vacuuming, mopping and more.

It’s all about making small changes to your everyday routine. Here are some tips on keeping your house clean and organised:


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How to keep your house organised and clean the Fast & Easy Way

If you’re always searching for answers to

‘What is the fastest way to clean a dirty house?’,

‘How can I organize my house quickly?’, or

‘How can I keep my house clean if I work full time?’ or anything similar,

All you may be looking for are easy, fast, yet efficient ways that lead to a huge difference in the cleanliness and tidiness of your home.

Whether you’re working full time or a stay at home parent, some convenient habits you and your family can use to keep messiness at bay include

  • Use Blankets for Toys

If you have kids who seem to have collections of every toy imaginable, what you can do to minimise clean ups is to lay out a blanket for them to play with their toys. Once they’re done playing, simply grab and fold up the blanket by pinching all four corners together. This way, no little toys get left behind when cleaning and nothing goes missing!

  • Use Lazy Susans for storage

Lazy Susans are a great way to store anything from cleaning supplies through to ingredients in pantries, all on one convenient turning table. This means there’s less chance of things toppling over each other and it’s much easier to clean. Simply remove the lazy susan and dust/wipe/clean all the items instead one having to take out everything one by one.

  • Use Trays

Another great addition to keeping things tidy and clean is to use trays. Whether it’s snacks, pens, notepads, pens, keys or any loose bits, you can simply put on the tray for easy storage. Plus, when it’s time to dust the home, you can move the trays around for quick cleans.


Have the flexibility in hiring our services whenever it works best for you. Hire once off for an entire Spring blitz or have regular cleans to maintain your lovely home.


Good Smelling House

Good Smelling House Hacks

One sign of a messy and unclean home is a lingering smell or odour. It’s no surprise so many homeowners ask questions looking for good smelling house tips or even good smelling house cleaners. Commercial cleaners can definitely mask the smell of your home since it has powerful chemicals, however it can be quite harmful especially if a concentrated amount is exposed over a long period of time (without proper ventilation).

For recommendations on how to keep your house smelling good all the time, it’s important to know where your bad smells are coming from and work from there. Find below more tips on how to make your house smell good naturally from some of the most common odour-causing culprits:


Our professional cleaners are highly trusted and experienced in the work they do, leaving you with nothing but complete satisfaction after every job.


How to Keep House Smelling Good after Cooking

Smelling nice aromas of delicious food can be quite lovely during meals, but afterwards, sometimes the smells just don’t seem to go away. If you’ve tried opening all your windows and tried to get some ventilation, yet there still seems to be lingers of your lunch or dinner, then consider the following tips on how to keep your house smelling good after cooking:

  • Do a thorough clean down of your kitchen including stove tops, benches, sinks, microwave, ovens etc.
  • Leave a bowl of coffee grounds or baking soda overnight. This works to get rid of odours over time.
  • Boil sticks of cinnamon and leave overnight to let the aroma set in your home.

How to keep house smelling good with a Dog, Cat or other Pets

Having a dog, cat or other pets roaming around your home may be one of the biggest sources of strange smelling odours in your home. It’s only natural for pets to smell after not having a bath for a while, but there are some ways you can organise things for a tidier, and more pleasant smelling home. For all the times you’ve asked yourself ‘How do I keep my house smelling good?’ (even with pets!) here are some useful pieces of advice and recommendations to follow:

  • Open up the windows occasionally for good ventilation
  • Use an air purifier
  • After bathing your pets, let them towel dry completely to avoid smells
  • Clean your dog or cats ears and paws thoroughly
  • Cover your furniture with covers that can be easily taken off and washed

These are just some of the ways on how to keep your house clean and organised all the time. They’re simple ways you can include in your day-to-day activities to avoid overwhelming messes and even strange smells. We’ve collated our best ways to keep your house clean and organised but sometimes, things can get super busy and all you may want is a new, freshly cleaned home asap.


That’s why at My Home, we offer specialist house cleaning services for all your needs, whether you need an entire home clean or just need routine cleans, we can assist you right away. Call 13 22 31 and get in touch with our team of professional home cleaners at My Home today!